Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Carachi Go!

Chris is coaching the girl's basketball team this semester and is having a blast! Their first game was last Saturday and they completely blew the opposing team out of the water! It was actually kind of a hard game to watch. I felt bad for the other team and started cheering for them half way through the game. The score in the end was 39 - 4 need I say more?

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Today's game was even more difficult to watch. Our girl's won 70 - 11 and although we are happy they have been doing so well we are hoping tomorrow's game will be a little more competitive.

Olivia loves watching the games too. Or should I say she loves going to the games. She doesn't exactly watch them as she's too busy playing with her new friends (there are TONS of toddlers her age- mostly because lots of families are adopting right now), climbing the bleachers, and sharing her snacks with every person in sight- young or old!

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This precious little one is the youngest of 11 kids!

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