Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby washing

Today, Chris and I had the opportunity to help with baby washing in the main plaza in town. Every Saturday, a Christian family organizes the washing of babies and kids mostly newborns to six year olds. They set up a tent with two baby bathtubs, a bucket of water, shampoo, and a stack of towels.

My friend Kelly and I washed the babies while Chris helped the older kids wash their hair. Some of the little ones were extremely calm and tranquil making our job super easy while others we could barely hold on to their slippery bodies or get the soap rinsed out of their hair as they put on quite the show kicking and screaming.

After the little ones are bathed they get a pair of clean clothes, a piece of bread, and some milk.

Thanks to my friend Jennifer we were able to purchase three BIG bags of clothes to bring for the kids today. Most if not all of the kids came in torn, dirty clothing so it is a real treat for them to get a "new" outfit.
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I wish I could have taken pictures of the kids too but I didn't feel it was right since it was our first time going. I'll ask and see if it's okay to next time.

Chris and I fell in love with one sweet family, a mom and three little kids. The daughter who is about five loved Chris and wanted him to hold her the entire time and the son (2 yrs.) fell asleep in my arms today. So precious!

We're looking forward to going next weekend- such a great ministry and neat opportunity to not help the poor and share Christ's love as well.

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  1. That's so interesting that you have a public baby-washing in the main plaza! Are these kids who live with their families but don't have any way of washing regularly at home?

  2. Yes, many of the kids live on the streets with their families while the others live outside of town in very poor villages. They don't have access to running or clean water so they are very happy to get a bath once a week!

  3. Cool! Opportunities abound don't they. You are in our prayers for strength to continue to love the people around you for Christ.

  4. Thanks Ron for praying for us!