Monday, March 1, 2010

Diapers Galore!

A few days ago, we received a large package full of these!
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I am SO excited because these cloth diaper covers will go to SK when I go there Wednesday. They are excellent quality and will last many, many years. You can't find covers like these in Bolivia, but thanks to a good friend (thx Emily!) who raised the money to purchase these covers and was willing to mail them to us, SK will now have lots of happy babies with dry bottoms!

We were also given donations for more disposable diapers- thank you to those who gave! I like to bring a few packages of disposables each time I go just to give the cloth diapers and the tias (aunties) who have to clean them a break! I have a high level respect for those who work so hard to clean the hundreds of diapers that are dirtied a day!!
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