Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update on Chris' student.

Sunday we went to visit this student of Chris' in the hospital (no name for his privacy) and it was a difficult time for all. He wasn't able to get an MRI done on Sunday because there is apparently only one doctor who could give the MRI and he was no where to be found. Chris' student ended up having to wait until last night at about 6pm to get the MRI.

The result: It's not a brain tumor, but rather a HUGE mass. The family must pack up quickly and leave for the states in order to have the mass surgically removed. Please pray for wisdom on the doctors part and a quick recovery. Also please pray for this family. They are very close to each other and this is obviously very hard for them.

Chris' student said something I thought was pretty remarkable, "If all of this draws the students in my class to God even the slightest bit it will make it all worth it". Wow what a statement! He said this because this year was pretty tough and his class has really been struggling spiritually. He's been a spiritual leader in his class despite a lot of criticism.

Please, please pray for this family and the new challenges they are about to face.

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